People are demanding Amazon remove this bizarre and distasteful jumper

Amazon has caused outrage with a jumper that makes light of anorexia and bulimia.

The online market place has received calls to remove a jumper that says 'anorexia, like Bulimia, except with self control.'

The £19 jumper makes light of eating disorders, by suggesting that anorexia is a more 'self-controlled' version of bulimia. As well as being hideously inaccurate and disgustingly insensitive, the jumper trivialises bulimia, and champions anorexia; two incredibly serious disorders which have the capacity to kill their sufferers.

Twitter has been calling upon the online store to remove the product from sale, with many calling the product 'grossly irresponsible.'

Among those calling for the removal of the hoodie from sale was anorexia sufferer Beth Grant. Calling the hoodie 'absolutely disgusting', she warned of the dangers associated with the trivialisation and mocking of mental health disorders. Speaking to the BBC, she said:

'It can be extremely damaging to anyone suffering bulimia or anorexia, and for them to make a commodity out of it is completely irresponsible and absolutely disgraceful'

On Amazon's site, the hoodie itself has a number of negative comments, many of which are from those who have experience with eating disorders:

Amongst those leaving reviews are those who have suffered, know loved ones who have suffered and even those who have lost people to the disorders the jumper seeks to mock.

Some people are seeking to justify the jumper as 'light humour', making the argument that if you're offended by it you just shouldn't purchase it.

However, there is a very clear distinction between light or even dark humour and actively mocking very real, and very harmful mental disorders. The danger of commodifying eating disorders and normalising them by branding them on clothing is not a laughing matter, and has the potential to be incredibly dangerous.

Hopefully the complaints are heeded soon, with a potential apology for any offence caused, too.