Everybody is pointing out one glaring error in the Lidl Xmas advert

Tearjerking Christmas adverts from supermarkets are now a yearly event. John Lewis generally nail theirs. Sainsburys do a pretty solid effort every year.

Lidl have also entered the game, with their Christmas advert. If you haven't seen it yet, here it is.

Rather than compete with the other supermarkets with their massive CGI budgets and heart-breaking song covers, they went low key, and sent a woman who was skeptical about how well turkeys are treated to a turkey farm.

Because Lidl apparently think that what people want to be reminded about at Christmas is just how goddamn cute turkeys can be.

Online, people have been expressing their bafflement at the choice of Christmas advert, in particular with this aspect of the advert...

In fact if you search for the Lidl Xmas advert, it's nearly impossible to find anything positive about it, except from Lidl themselves.

But at least they won the award for saddest Christmas advert.

It's not even just vegetarians who are upset...

So it's not exactly been a resounding success for their Christmas 2016 advert. But at least a few people have managed to see the funny side of things.