Morrisons slammed for selling offensive clothing

A Twitter user has accused Morrisons of selling offensive and sexist clothing for young children.

Jenni Yuill tweeted a photo of the children's clothing section in Morrisons, which had t shirts for young girls and boys that seemed to imply that boys were intelligent, and girls were just pretty:

Yuill wrote that she found the clothes 'insulting', as the boys' t shirts read 'little man, BIG IDEA', whilst the girls' t shirts said 'little girl, BIG SMILES.' The shirts seem to send a clear message that boys are intelligent and innovative whilst girls are just there to look good.

The tweet was then retweeted by the Everyday Sexism Project, which led to a number of tweets condemning the chain's sexist choice of designs.

When faced with the backlash, Morrisons' only reply was that these t shirts were popular with their customers:

Which was not met with a friendly reply...

Morrisons have since said that they have submitted the complaints to their buyer for review, but people don't think this move is far enough. Many are calling for the designs to be pulled altogether, but with Morrisons fairly muted responses thus far, this does not seem likely.

Morrisons aren't the only chain to be in trouble for inappropriate gender clothing this week, with Primark being accused of sexualising young girls by selling padded bras for those as young as 7. Read more here.