18 Peep Show quotes that sum up modern life

It's the beginning of the end for Peep Show tonight. Here are 18 times it's perfectly summed up modern life so far.

18) That first moment you realise what the world is like

Mark doesn't keep his promises. Hitler doesn't keep his promises. No-one keeps their promises.

16) Relationships...

No-one likes to be mixed in to an emotional fuck-pie, swimming in fuck-pie gravy.

15) Fate and work

That's just what fate is into.

14) Work and the soul...

Each day you feel more and more like a horcrux.

14) Breakfast of any kind

Becoming an adult up is basically just switching to Cornflakes for health reasons. Like developing diabetes. Becoming a grown up is like developing diabetes.

13) Dreams and faeces

One person's dreams are another person's toilet.

12) Mornings. Evenings. Life.


11) Love

Long term commitment is just buying a season ticket.

10) Fear

And panthers and being alone, and being alone with panthers whilst developing Alzheimers.

9) Feeling everyone is better than you

Largely because you're a terrible human being.

8) The actual power of love

"In a way, I win?"

7) Compliments...

This is what chat up lines are like now. He's probably one of the chivalrous ones.

6) Texting

But it's not. It's much more like celibacy.

5) Disappointment


4) Browsing Facebook

Probably enough Facebook stalking for one day.

3) Look interested

Don't think about the words, just concentrate on looking like you're thinking about the words.

2) The easiest way to be

Try it. Feels good.

1) And acceptance...

Welcome to the real world...

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