The 21 poshest things overheard in Waitrose

Here are some of the poshest things that have been overheard in Waitrose. This is what you go to Waitrose for, after all. You don't get these kinds of convos in Lidl...

21) Jeremiah's papa

20) This close call

19) Lucien's shopping list

18) This callous de-invitation

17) This emergency

- "Fire!"

- "I'll get some water"

- "We're not animals, dear. Make a chick pea and chorizo soup, you ghastly monster."

16) This person, talking to their feral son

15) This feral child

14) This fair assessment of ASDA

13) This legitimate complaint

12) This 10 year old sommelier

"It's pronounced Leggot, son. Like bigot."

11) This alarming occurrence

10) This pet's preferences

9) This conundrum

8) This disappointment to their parent

7) This person, who should clearly just fire their cleaner and get a new one

6) This compliment

5) This horrendous mispronunciation

4) This person with a perfectly valid complaint

3) This vegetarian

2) This massive threat

"Too far, mum. You can take my freedom but you can never take my brioche."

1) This crisis

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