Online retailer provokes outrage with controversial advertising of plus sized clothes

With the rise of the body positivity movement, an increasingly inclusive atmosphere teaching us to love the skin we're in has also developed.

Plus sized clothing ranges along with plus sized models have taken the fashion industry by storm, changing the game wholly and totally for the better.

Ashley Graham modelling her lingerie during New York Fashion Week

However, there still remains a great deal of negative attitudes towards plus sized people, and particularly women, as online retailer has demonstrated.

Whilst most retailers employ plus sized women to model their plus sized ranges, thought it would somehow be better to show their plus sized tights stretched over thin models.

The images all seem to be attempting to show the size of the tights by how much bigger they are than the thin women wearing them.

The images have come under fire, with many wondering who on earth thought this was a good idea:

The inappropriate advertising has left many of the products target audience feeling alienated and disappointed.

The use of thin models for plus sized clothing clearly demonstrates that whilst much has been done to counter negative attitudes to the plus sized community, more needs to be done to break down persisting stigmas.