One of the highest rated wines in the world costs just £6!

One of the highest-rated wines in the world is on sale at Asda for just £6. It appears that you don't have to buy the terrible, cheap wine that just tastes like vinegar that has been filtered through a marathon runner's shoe.

The general rule of thumb is that if a wine is around a fiver, avoid it at all costs. And if in a restaurant, you always buy the second cheapest wine because then it's relatively cheap, but not the cheapest.

Well, now a bottle of Malbec has beaten off 16,000 competitors in a blind taste test to win a prestigious award at last year's Decanter World Wine Awards.

La Moneda Reserva Malbec scored 95 out of 100, an amazing score, to win 'best single-variety red costing under £15.

After it's surprising victory, demand for the wine went through the roof. So much so that Asda's American partner Walmart had to start stocking it on their shelves for $6.96.

So how can an award winning wine like this be sold for so cheap?

According to The Washington Post, the Malbec is produced by Chile’s largest wine exporter Ranco Wines, which ships more than 80million litres of wine to each of the 25 countries they distribute to. That works out at about 107 million bottles per year.

It’s mass produced in large stainless steel ‘tank farms’ which can hold umpteen gallons rather than the traditional rustic, wooden barrels – and that scale means that it’s cheap to produce in bulk.

Then it is shipped to the UK where it is bottled and packaged, and that reduced the cost of the overall production.

Well, that's pre-drinks sorted.