Once Again, Logan Paul is Causing Outrage

Hardcore fans await his return teased in a recent video, but many are still fuming from deeply insensitive content published last month in which YouTuber Paul and friends are seen gawping disrespectfully at the body of a suicide victim.

Should we forgive Logan Paul? His fans seem to think so, but people are still upset about his video last month in which he ventured into ‘Aokigahara,’ the Japanese forest infamous as one of the world’s most prevalent suicide areas. One may question why such a light-entertainment comedy vlogger, with a very young fanbase, would shoot a video here in the first place, but it gets worse, as during the video, they stumbled upon a body and proceed to film it. People took issue at the fact that he did this at all, but also at the way in which he treats the sensitive subject, shouting ‘yo, are you alive?’ at one point.

The feedback was severe, and he quickly removed the video, offering a divisive apology which only satisfied committed fans. People less familiar with Paul started numerous petitions on Change.org to have his channel deleted, the biggest of which has amassed over 500,000 signatures.

Paul’s efforts at repentance continued, pledging $1,000,000 to suicide prevention charities, and uploading a video in which he tactfully discusses suicide and suicide prevention.

But now after his month-long apology-hiatus, he has teased that his regular content will resume. Fans are pleased, but many people felt that the scandal should have ended his career for good, and so are pretty angry, especially at the jokey tone of the new video.

Whether or not he deserves forgiveness, it is important that issues like suicide and depression are always taken seriously and should never be used for dumb jokes or to get views.