Nottingham student sends the most ridiculous message text of all time

A Nottingham student has gotten drunk and sent the most ridiculous drunk text of all time.

Student Annie Vivic doesn't seem to be a stranger to nights out or drinking...

But like everyone in existence, she still can't be trusted with her own phone when she's drunk. Fortunately for the world, she did have her phone with her whilst drinking earlier this week.

Yep, rather than text an ex or someone she fancied, she texted Gatwick Airport to ask "hey xx everything ok xxx"

Gatwick Airport is not believed to be one of her exes, or a current crush.

Her drunken message, to an airport which offers cheap flights to many international destinations, has gone massively viral. Everyone seems to agree that she's both hilarious and massively in need of help.

Gatwick have not yet replied, but clearly will do now that they know she's got a crush. The next time they get drunk, anyways.