Nivea clearly didn't learn from Dove as new racist ad claims emerge

We all saw the Dove thing last week right?


Basically, they made an ad and clearly didn't use any focus groups, because it looks suuuuper racist. It featured a black woman taking off a t-shirt (which was her skin colour), to reveal she was white underneath after using Dover products. Ill-thought-out at best, and intentionally discriminatory at worst.

Now Nivea are at it, with a range of creams marketed across Africa made to lighten skin.

Musician Fuse ODG noticed this while visiting Ghana, and the internet have been critical, with users from Africa and beyond showing their dismay.

The range apparently is supposed to make the skin whiter, which is not only irresponsible (for making people think darker skin is something to be changed) but dangerous. Skin bleaches and lighteners can seriously damage the skin.

Some people argued that since there is a big market for lightening products in African countries, Nivea cannot be blamed for capitalising on this.

However, it's irresponsible to be perpetuating the idea that people should be changing themselves in order to look whiter.

Nivea have yet to respond, but we predict there's a big storm coming for the cosmetics giant.