They felt "too ugly" for nightclub's promo photos. So Leadmill arranged a surprise for them... 😂👏

A group of friends were upset after repeatedly going to a nightclub and never once appearing in the promo photoshoots for said nightclub.

They say they felt like they "didn't make the cut" for promo photos, and this made them feel "ugly". Rather than sit there feeling ugly and unloved, Emily and her friends decided to do something about it.

They decided to get in touch with The Leadmill to let their feelings be known.

It doesn't get much clearer than that.

The girls, who I'm sure you agree certainly aren't ugly, probably didn't expect much more than an apology or radio silence.

But Leadmill, in Sheffield, really pulled through on this one and arranged for a special surprise.

Nervously, the group of friends arrived. Maybe they'd arranged some free drinks, or maybe a wee little glowstick to wave about in the air.

No. Leadmill had arranged cut-outs of their own crying faces, to wear over their regular faces. For the photoshoot.

Pretty awesome, no? Emily definitely thinks so, and so does the rest of the UK.

Just goes to show, anybody can be in promo photographs for a nightclub if you just ask several times and are willing to wear a cutout of your own face over your own face.

Bet they don't feel ugly anymore.