Nigel Farage complains about intolerance & abuse he faces. Everyone else finds it hilarious.

Nigel Farage has been complaining about intolerance and abuse. You heard that right, the man famously posed next to a big sign reminiscent of Nazi propaganda is complaining about intolerance.

But don't worry. He hasn't been visited by immigrant ghosts in the night, like a racist version of Scrooge, and decided to become a less racist. He's complaining specifically about intolerance and abuse directed towards himself.

He describes how shortly after the Brexit vote he couldn't even go to the pub for one of his famous "I'm one of you - look at me I'm having a beer" photoshoots...

... because people were being "intolerant" towards him.

“I had to be hustled out of there very, very quickly, so threatening and aggressive were people who’d been on the Remain side,” he said.

“What I saw was a most extraordinary level of intolerance, aggression, abuse, threats and that's just walking down the street.” he continued.

“Let alone the death threats and goodness knows what else.”

But people online have been less than sympathetic to the intolerance against him.

Author and twitter user Technically Ron mocked posted these images of actual abusive terms people use to describe Nigel Farage.

Whilst other people have just been taking the opportunity to call him a liar...

Or satirise him in a clever way...

Or make the obvious point...

Or call him a bellend.