Next release controversial plus sized clothing range for children

Clothing brand Next have come under fire from parents for their new plus sized clothing range for children as young as three.

Next have recently introduced a plus size collection for children between the ages of 3 and 16. The collection is made up of 47 pieces of clothing, with the aim of creating more a more comfortable fit around the waist and thighs.

The plus size for three year olds is 5cm larger than the average size for three year olds' trousers.

Whilst many have praised the line as 'inclusive' and representative of today's children, others are less impressed:

Speaking to The Mirror, parents have voiced their worry that calling a label 'plus sized' will affect children's confidence. Marie Webb said:

"That's really going to make kids feel good isn't it, plus size labels."

However, whilst some are angered by the range, Tam Fry, the Chief Executive of the National Obesity Forum argued that Next is merely catering for demand as child obesity continues to rise.

The range simply aims to overcome the difficulty in catering to children's constantly changing and diverse sizes.

You just can't win these days.