New Years resolutions that could save or end up making you money

So, it is the New Year, 2017. Leading up to those fireworks you were probably thinking of resolutions, throwing around things you want to quit or cut down this year.

While you do that, why not think of a few things that you want to do or achieve this year. Say to yourself ‘by this time next year, I want to…’

new year resolutions

This could be where you want to be living by then, or the job you want, or just simply that you want to celebrate Christmas and New Year with a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Another thing you could say you want to change or do: something that saves you money or even makes it for you. Here are a few ideas we came up with:

Quit smoking

Start with the most obvious, shall we? Not much needs to be said about this. Other than that if you smoke 10 per day, you are spending approximately £1,752 per year, depending on your area, preferred brand and method.

Already there are the health benefits to consider but now with the price going up more and more each year, you have to consider the monetary value of quitting. If you quit smoking you can easily go and save enough to go on one or two holidays every year!

Learn a new language

In the short term, this might not seem like a very good idea to make or save money but bear with us.

When applying for a new job, employers will often ask if you can speak any other language. This is not just some innocuous question without any functionality in your application. Learning a new language shows a lot of skills that potential employers love such as dedication, tenacity and ability to learn.

This will hold you in good stead and will impress others, giving you a slight edge in the process. So learning a new language could get you that job you desperately want, as long as you have that qualifications and experience necessary.

Sort your sleeping pattern out

sort your sleep make money

Are you one of those people that fight sleep at night, then is constantly tired the next day, meaning you spend money on coffee and red bull? Well, stop that! It messes you up and it means you do not perform the way you should in everyday tasks.

Pattern is great for productivity, just look at Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory (I know it is a character but the principle is the same). He goes to bed every night at around the same time, wakes up early and is regarded as one of the most brilliant minds.

It will be hard to train yourself to achieve this but give yourself a set time to go to bed (10 pm, maybe), so at 9:30 pm you can turn off all electrical distractions. Then get into bed and find your comfortable position. Use sleep aids at first if you prefer, but try to wean yourself off of them eventually.

Cut down on nights out

stay in save money

This goes hand-in-hand with the previous point. If you limit yourself to a certain amount of nights out per week, then you won't spend as much money and you will find you will be able to sleep a lot easier.

How many times have you gone out and woken up the next day having spent a ridiculous amount of money? You feel like shit, you have smashed your phone screen and you have ketchup all over your top from the post-nightclub chips.

Why would you allow yourself to do that many times a week? Cut it down to once or twice and use the other nights recharging or partaking in your hobby, and you will find money won't leave your account as quick and you will feel a lot healthier in yourself.

Manage time better

Time management is a skill every employer loves, so if you are the sort of person who leaves it until the very last minute to complete your work (most of you) then that needs to be a habit you kick out in 2017.

When you give yourself more time, you can write more than one draft of an essay, you can study more, therefore you can do better with more time. So, stop waiting until the last night before completing work.

And when it comes to finding that perfect job, often you will be asked to juggle a few tasks at once, which will be easier as you already have that skill down.

Clear out wardrobes and unused things (could be sold)

time management for making money

Admit it, you have too many clothes and possessions that you just do not wear or use. It might be high time you got rid of them.

A good trick to use (to see what clothes you want to get rid of) is to turn all of the coat-hangers in your wardrobe one way, then once you have worn and washed the item on that hanger, put it back in the facing the other way. Then after a couple of months, any clothes facing the original way, you know you never wear and they would be what you sell.

Once you have your items then head down to a car-boot sale, always some decent money to be made there.

Start a savings account/ISA

It may be hard to squirrel some money away for a rainy day. But even putting away a small amount of money each week or each month can add up over the long run, then you can have some cash in a pinch.

If it is in a savings account, then it isn’t being spent! Simple as that.

Some accounts reward contributions with interest. So if you put money in and just leave it, over time that money will increase and after a while, you might have a decent amount there. Obviously, find the ISA or savings account that works best for you.

Cycle/Walk/Run more

exercise to save money

Similar to the ‘learn a new language’ segment, this is to get you training yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. The more you exercise, the more energy you have, and the more productive you are.

Not saying you have to run marathons unless you want to. But just doing small distances would greatly increase energy levels and that, in turn, will increase the amount of work you will be able to do.

Learn to cook

learn to cook to save money

There is literally nothing else to say about this other than it is cheaper to take food with you to Uni or work, rather than buying food out all the time.

But buy ‘learn to cook’ we mean actual meals, not just heating up a tin of beans in a pan. It is a skill that you take into life and will be useful, always.

Become an expert in something

If there is something you can do very well, keep doing it. It might just pay off one day.

Let 2017 be the year where you hone those skills and perfect them, whether that is editing video, acting, or something completely unrelated, like drawing. You might be able to make it worthwhile.

But as Heath Ledgers Joker said: “if you’re good at something, never do it for free.”

It shows initiative and a flair for business if you were to do that, possibly another thing that would impress possible employers.

And there you have it, so go out there and have an amazing 2017.