New study says today's young people are all virgins who don't party

I am both jealous and scared of today's teens.

Maybe I was just a huge geek when I was young, or have turned into a huge geek now I'm old, but either way they're much more advanced than I remember being at that age.

But apparently they're not, as the Journal for Child Development has found out with a recently released study.

They've been analysing 13 to 19 year-olds for the last 40 years and have conclusive evidence that today's teenagers are more likely to be virgins and less likely to party.

Compared to previous generations, this age group nowadays are less likely to have sex, do drugs, or drink alcohol until they reach adulthood.

Interestingly, though, they're also less likely to do other grown-up stuff like learn to drive, get a job, or move out.

Conclusive evidence that we're all failing at adulting.

Feel sorry for them though, missing out on drinking White Lightning in the park and getting off with Darren from youth club. Instead they're LEARNING and using TECHNOLOGY?! Nerds.