Netflix and Chill is a lie - that's science!

Netflix & Chill Game of Throne

Netflix and Chill? Nah, mate… one more episode.

Cambridge University statistician David Spiegelhalter told an audience at the Hay Festival, that there is a trend in declining sex rates, and he blames box set television. Game of Thrones is ruining your sex life!

He said: ‘People are having less sex. Sexually active couples between 16 and 64 were asked and the median was five times in the last month in 1990, then four times in 200 and three times in 2010.

‘At this rate by 2030 couples are not going to be having any sex at all. I think it’s the box set, Netflix. ‘Omg I’ve got to watch the entire second series of Game of Thrones.

The point is that this massive connectivity, the constant checking of our phones compared to just a few years ago when TV closed down at 10:30pm or whatever and there was nothing else to do. Even power cuts which helps. Now people are having less sex and it’s true.’

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