"My English teacher put this on her door today..."

An English teacher has been praised for the heart-warming and heart-breaking letter she posted on her door for her students.

Student Natalie Gomez arrived at her English lesson to find a notice on the door, reassuring all non-white, non-straight, non-Trump supporters that they "still belong in America", despite Trump's recent rhetoric and promise to kick out 3 million undocumented immigrants and his appointment of a Vice President who is anti-LGBTQ.

The letter, which begins "Dear undocumented students" has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people on twitter, as well as the students in her English lesson in California.

The letter has had a lot of support on Twitter

And some less than positive messages

But mainly messages of support

Last week, teacher at a uni in the USA has shared a similarly heartbreaking, touching and hopeful message with his students, after the shock election of Donald Trump to the Presidency.

Be warned, this is also some pretty heartbreaking stuff.