Muslim woman slays internet trolls who ask dumb questions, with hilarious story

If you want to find a lot of people asking dumb and/or racist questions, you don't have to look much further than the President of the United State's twitter feed.

But if you look even further into the depths of despair that is the internet and real life, there are even dumber questions being asked.

A common thing posted by Islamophobes is apparently "why can't muslims just tell ISIS to stop killing people?"

Farha, an avid interneter, has come up with perhaps the perfect reply to this question, when she found an anonymous poster on Tumblr asking precisely:

"why can't muslims tell other muslims to stop killing people"

Here are her replies below.

Another anonymous person stepped in to defend original Anon (origanon, if you will), but she didn't back down or back away.

Her hilarious post has since gone viral on Twitter, where she also posts other hilarious stuff.

Definitely worth a follow.