Student asks mum & dad for medical advice, their replies are wildly different

Macy, an 18 year old student, got worried when she looked down at her hands and realised they were blue.

She wasn't cold, her hands were just blue. For no reason she could see. So she did what any young person would do in this situation - she contacted her parents for help.

But when her mum asked her to ask her dad for help, it really the highlighted the difference between mums and dads.

First, she texted her mum, whose first instinct was to ask a sensible follow-up question.

And then freak out a little, and be worried for her daughter.

She asked Macy to contact her dad. So she did. Which is when we she received the universal Dad response.


Yep, his daughter texted because her hands were blue - a common sign of a lot of very terrifying medical ailments - and his first instinct is to make a joke that she must have been stirring kool-aid.

But as Macy now seems fine, it seems his instinct was the correct one.

A tweet of the exchange has gone viral...

And most people think her dad was probably right.