Mum tries to sell her son on Ebay after he does THIS

Kids can be a bit mischevious sometimes, and it's a general rule that if they're out of your sight for any length of time, they'll be up to no good.

This story takes the piss though, and has left the child's mum pretending to sell him on eBay.

Georgia Joyce, from Sunderland, quickly went into the kitchen to make a sandwich and left her son Charlie in the living room playing for around a minute.

Credit: Mercury

When she returned she was faced with a scene that would strike fear into the hearts of most people.

Charlie had covered their 52 inch flat screen TV in Sudocrem. Yep, that greasy, oily stuff that works on everything from nappy rash to acne. But is not recommended for TVs.

Credit: Mercury

Georgia said Charlie, who's two years old, has always had a creative streak, and she couldn't bear to punish him for his little stunt.

She put up on Facebook,

Anyone want a child? It won’t come out of the brand new carpet or sofa. I am just ready to put him on eBay. He is my only child but he is enough. This isn’t just a one off. It is the terrible twos.

Apparently his dad Michael Joyce was a lot less jovial, giving little Charlie a telling off.

Credit: Mercury

Look at his little face! But then, it's always the ones with the puppy dog eyes that turn out to be little terrors.

Luckily, Georgia was able to get most of the Sudocrem off the TV and carpet, but she did say there will be some lasting stains.

Since they moved into their house two years ago Charlie has messed up plenty of the furniture, especially now he's in HIS terrible twos.

Well, if you ever needed a good reason to wear condoms - there it is!