Mum tries to prank son with 'Elf on a shelf'... backfires spectacularly

Elf on the shelf has become somewhat of a Christmas tradition since the book was first published back in 2004. It seems to be a mainstay in people's households, but this year things have taken a turn.

People seem to be using the cute, little ornament to play pranks on people, kids have been led to believe that they are being used to spy on them, and one woman even dressed her little girl up as the trend.

Well, now one mother has decided to prank her son with it, but this time the prank backfired horribly for her.

Lynn Heinrich of North Carolina thought it would be a good idea to prank her five-year-old son, Miles by putting shaving cream all over the bathroom, including on the mirror and in the sink. She then placed the elf on the table with a pen in its hand and a note saying 'Miles did it."

Happy with her efforts, she went to bed. The plan was for her to wake up in the morning, pretend to find the mess along with the note and Miles will be in a lot of trouble.

But, Miles woke up before her in the morning and found the attempted prank first. He apparently got so scared he panicked and tried to cover his tracks. He decides to frame the elf!

He gets a black permanent marker, draws all over the walls, writes a message to Lynn from the elf, and places the marker in the hands of the elf.

She is now stuck in a dilemma: does she tell Miles off, admitting she pulled the prank with the shaving cream? Or does she just say nothing?

She describes the whole ordeal in a hilarious Facebook post:

This kid is either a genius or an idiot. Whatever he is, he got away with it.