Mum shuts down her son's racist Facebook rant with brutal reply

After her son posted a racist meme and then followed that up with a racist rant, this mother got fed up and shut the whole thing down once and for all.

An unnamed banker shared a racist meme to his own Facebook page, the Independent reports. He posted an image with a caption which he took the time to hashtag "Disgusting" and "Foreigners".

A fellow banker chimed in with his own thoughts on immigrants, and the two had a little racist chat.

All the while, his mum watched and apparently got more and more annoyed by her son's ignorance.

At this point, his mum had had enough of "this racist orgy" and decided to drop a bombshell on the rant.

It's a big one.

Yep, the mum was so annoyed by her son's Facebook rant that she decided now was the best time to announce to him that he was adopted from a nice Armenian family.

She then went on to invite him to possibly the most awkward family bolognese that's ever been eaten.

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