Mum says she found something genuinely shocking inside her Kinder Egg

A mum says she found something genuinely surprising inside the Kinder Easter egg she bought for her daughter.

Vikki Maguire-Grant took to Facebook on Tuesday to complain that the Kinder Egg she bought from ASDA contained something other than chocolate.

She posted photos and a warning that other shoppers should check their eggs, in case they too found a massive needle inside their egg.

Finally something genuinely surprising! Bravo, Kinder!

The warning she posted has since gone viral, with over 14k shares. People have been outraged by her claim, and annoyed at Kinder.

And impressed...

But have also accused her of trying to get some free, delicious Kinder Eggs.

Kinder are now investigating her claim, and have the egg under their supervision.

What do you think? Kinder mistake, bizarre Kinder toy, woman who wants free eggs, or something more sinister?