Mum leaves simple request, MADLAD student takes it way too seriously

A mum who left a simple request to her son was shocked when she came back home and found a post-it note hanging up on the washing line.

Jason Coakley, who studies at Aberdeen University, was left a shirt to hang out to dry by his mum over the holiday.

Deciding she hadn't been quite specific enough, Jason followed his mum's instructions to the letter. He went outside and hung up the post it note, as per his mum's instructions.

Another job well done. But rather than being thankful to her kind and helpful son, who followed every last letter of her instruction, his mum messaged him to call him a gimp boy.

Gimp Boy posted the exchange to Imgur, under the caption "I technically did it". Which he did. Let this be a lesson to everybody everywhere that you need to be incredibly clear in your instructions, if you want to get your washing dry.

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