Mum keeps blocking daughter out of shared bank with the weirdest security questions

We've all been through the pain of forgetting the answer to our online security question. What is my gran's maiden name, who was my childhood best friend, did I even have a favourite pet, honestly fuck knows.

But imagine if it wasn't YOUR security questions you had to know the answer to, but your mum's, because that was the case for teenager Holly, who shares an online bank with her mum.

Taking to Twitter, Holly shared her hilarious exchange with her mum once she'd been blocked out of their bank account yet again.

Holly logged into her bank to be asked the question 'what celebrity do you most resemble?'

Completely baffled as to which celebrity her mum most resembled, she texted her asking for some light on the matter:

So her mum replied with the obvious .. JENNIFER ANNISTON OF COURSE. Which, I'm sure to many, probably didn't seem that funny or even out of the blue, until Holly tweeted a picture of her mum:

I mean, I guess they have... similar hair?

Whilst Holly didn't seem overly amused, Twitter definitely were, calling Holly's mum adorable:

And some people even saw the resemblance...

You keep doing you, Holly's mum.