Mum invoices student son for £21,000 for supporting him for a year (and charges him 'for being an asshole')

A 23 year old student has just received an invoice from his mum, charging him for a year of support - and adding on a $1000 charge for "being an unappreciative asshole".

The full time student from Ontario shared the invoice online in outrage earlier today. The Ontario mum, fed up of her 23-year-old son taking her for granted decided to leave an invoice in his room for a year’s worth of support payments.

The invoice had its' own unique invoice number (which is required in order for the invoice to be legally binding) and that number was astonishingly high, suggesting this isn't the only person the Ontario mum has been charging for being an unappreciative asshole.

The anonymous student, aka "unappreciative asshole" currently owes $39,254.17, according to the document.

Cleaning services and "speciality meals"

The bill included household bills, cleaning services and "speciality meals", suggesting she's some kind of michelin starred chef or he has insane dietary requirements. She also charged him for "incidental food/sundries taken from kitchen", presumed by the internet to be "food stolen by the unappreciative little asshole".

The mum, who spectacularly mistimed this invoice, being this close to mother's day, took time out in the invoice to burn her husband. She listed "contributions from spouse" on the invoice as $0, suggesting he contributes absolutely nothing. You are not legally required to mention services not provided on invoices.

The total bill, including tax, came to around £21,000, including tax.

This was done in anger

After some people accused the student of faking the invoice, the mum jumped into the discussion and stressed it was real.

"This was done in 5 minutes of anger," she told everyone. "He is lucky and doesn’t realise it".

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