Mum has extremely productive afternoon, texts daughter about her day

A mum has discovered a strange thing that happens when you draw a square on the floor near a cat.

Danielle Matheson's mum had a bit of spare time on her hands, but was feeling productive. She had some duct tape and a cat.

She had also seen a wild claim on Pinterest that if you draw a square on the ground, cats can't help themselves but sit in it.

She immediately set to work testing that hypothesis, and sent the results to her daughter, who shared the scientific experiment with the world.

That was all the info she needed. She set about putting tape on the floor. The cat came over and showed interest.

To the delight of everyone, the cat then sat in it.


The tweets went viral, with many other people conducting their own follow-up experiments.

With mixed results.

But generally they found that cats will sit in any old square that you put in front of them.

So if you struggle getting your uncontrollable cat to obey you, apparently all you ever needed was a bit of duct tape and some floor.