Mum finds "drugs" in her daughters room, over-reacts spectacularly

When she needed her calculator for an exam, student Ashley Carol Banks did what you must never do. She asked her mum to go look for it in her drawers.

As mums supposedly do, she fetched the calculator and had a bit of a root around in there to see what she could find.

Of course, she immediately found suspicious-looking pills.

Now that she'd found the pills, she clearly had to do some parenting. First she texted her daughter the evidence she'd found, and then she told her exactly how grounded she was.

She even demanded Ashley come home right this second, even though home was precisely where the pills were.

Clearly this is a scary message to receive from your mother. Unless your "drugs" are actually something else, that is...

Yep, Ashley's drug problem turned out to be something completely different. She has a "tiny inflatable dinosaur problem". Something her mother wasn't exactly on-board with, but at least the weren't class-a.

The dinosaurs come in pill form, you hydrate them, and they turn into little T-Rexes, and other less-memorable dinosaurs.

Her mum, having now tried the drugs for herself, backed down and said that her daughter didn't have to come home.

Instead, she berated her daughter for buying something a seven-year-old would buy.

In future, Ashley plans to leave around more things that look like drugs, including tiny inflatable animals that look like rocks of crack, and hypodermic needles that turn into miniature puppies when wet.

You can buy the pills on Amazon, by the way. Unfortunately in the UK, only animal varieties are available, not dinosaurs.

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