Mum doesn't understand group chats, accidentally sends dirty messages to her daughter

A daughter has been left cringing after her mum accidentally sexted her in a group chat.

This daughter was accidentally added into a group chat with her mum and her mum's new love interest. Unfortunately, her mum didn't notice that and got straight down to sexting her new love interest, whilst her daughter watched, transfixed and cringing in horror.

At 11:55am, the sexting began. With chat about "boobbies"...

Which quickly led onto compliments about their size, as well as guesses as to how preety they'd be.

Before the daughter had noticed the messages, or had the time to inform everybody that she was watching the whole thing live, things started to get reaaaal specific...

And talk turned to plumbing, sex drives and Italian blood...

Yes, it's fair to say this isn't the kind of group chat you want to get into with your mum. Especially when the topic is about to turn to how long it's been since she last banged anyone.

When the topic turned to "taking care of myself", the daughter clearly decided she had to make her mum aware of her presence. In the most timid way possible...

It's unclear if the mum figured out that this meant her daughter had seen all the sexting, but since the guy replied "Hi" rather than "oh sweet holy sh*t" or just smashing his phone altogether and fleeing the country, it's probably safe to assume he at least is blissfully unaware that his love interest's daughter was there to witness the entire chat.

The daughter, probably traumatised, posted the images to Reddit for the rest of the world to see and cringe hard at. She clearly needed to share her pain.

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