Mum attempts to surprise daughter at uni, it backfires spectacularly

A mum's attempt to surprise her daughter by showing up at her uni room backfired spectacularly, when she accidentally showed up to the wrong room.

McKenna Pilling's mum travelled from New York to visit her at Utah State University. After making it all the way across the country, "Momma Pilling" showed up at the wrong room, walked in and posed for selfies on a random stranger's bed.

Thinking she'd got the jump on her daughter, she texted the selfies to her as a surprise. Since her daughter "McKenna" was in her own dorm room, she was more than a little surprised.

It's unclear at this time how Momma Pilling managed to get into the room without breaking the lock, but she appears to have successfully escaped the strangers room before security were alerted.

Shout out to momma pilling for being hilarious and going viral on Twitter. Happy Mother's Day, love you. 💛

Momma Pilling is celebrating her successful surprise, and plans to surprise her daughter with further trespasses across campus in future.

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