Mum thinks she's being helpful, accidentally buries wrong cat

A mum has accidentally buried somebody else's cat.

Cathy Vickers informed her son that their family cat Tom was dead. She then updated Facebook, saying one last goodbye to her cat...

After breaking the bad news, she set about burying her cat in the back garden.

Narrator: But it wasn't her cat. She had buried somebody else's.

She still doesn't know whose cat she buried, just that it looked a hell of a lot like her (alive and well) cat Tom. Tom (pictured above) is currently not buried and living at home with her owner Cathy.

Her son tweeted about the mistake, which has since gone viral.

Hopefully more updates will come when she figures out whose cat she buried.

In the meantime, we hope that Cathy refrains from burying any more cats that aren't hers.

And this lady's mum...

And my god we hope it doesn't turn out to be Napsy the narcoleptic cat.