Mother's Facebook rant about ASDA's 'sexist' children clothing goes viral

A mother's Facebook rant about ASDA's sexist children's clothing has gone viral this week.

Mother Amy Tanwen Owen voiced her disgust on Facebook this week over ASDA's 'sexist' children's clothing.

In a post that's now received over 3,200 reactions and 800 shares, Amy drew attention to the distasteful differentiation in ASDA's marketing of young boys and girls clothing.

In the boys section, t-shirts read 'future scientist', while the girls t-shirts read 'forever daddy's girl', clearly enforcing tiresome and outdated gender stereotypes.

Regardless of ASDA's marketing, Amy bought a 'future scientist' t-shirt for her daughter while also removing half of the boys tops and putting them in the girls section.

Amy's post clearly struck a chord amongst fellow parents, with many commenting their support:

While there have been a fair few 'it's just a top get over it' comments, it does seem that most people agree with Amy that these small, but very ingrained examples of everyday sexism need to be challenged.

If girls are constantly encouraged to be 'forever daddy's girl' whilst boys are championed as future Einsteins, it's easy to see how women still only make up 12.8% of the STEM workforce.

It's easy to say 'it's a top, get a grip.' But when girls grow up with subliminal messages that they can't achieve the same successes as their male counterparts from such a young age, it's clearly more than just a top.

We applaud you Amy.