11 real, disgusting tinned foods you're way too hungover to deal with right now

You thought your beans were bad? Check these out...

11) Mmm, pupae

Which you apparently eat like an olive.

10) Fresh fish mouths too classy for you? Try some tinned fish mouths.

Then think about what you've done.

9) Tinned minced Rudolf

In plain packaging, so it can't be mistaken for a classy product.

8) One for only the most rampant David Camerons...

Mmm pork brains. Sounds good. Could you put it in some *gags* milk gravy please.

7) Armadillo not creamy enough for you? Get it pre-creamed...

Mmm, on the half shell.

6) A whole cheeseburger in a tin

If you don't look at it or chew it might be alright.

5) Like mole? Like crickets? You'll love mole crickets

Now in convenient tinned form.

4) Mmmm, non-specific meat pudding

Or is it goblin meat??

3) Tom Piper's Tongues

There's a picture of a sheep on there. Makes us guess it's sheep tongue, but they haven't exactly gone out of their way to specify it here. Is it Tom Piper's tongues?

2) From the disgusting kitchen of Sweet Sue - a whole cooked chicken in a tin

Gonna go ahead and guess this is why she isn't known as Sane or Sanitary Sue...

1) Manhattan-style fish assholes

Have you got any fish assholes? No not "fish, assholes" - fish assholes. The asshole of a fish. No not cajan style fish assholes. I'm looking for something American. Specifically Manhattan style fish assholes. Just like mamma used to make.

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