Mop up your sugary tears, because Tesco is banning Ribena.

Tesco has banned Ribena

Ok, get a tissue because you may need to wipe up your sugary, purple tears. Ready? Here goes… Tesco is banning Ribena (and Capri-Sun which people seem to care less about) in an attempt to 'crackdown' on childhood obesity.Tesco rep, David Beardmore told The Grocer magazine, “This is part of our 10-point plan against obesity and we have decided that from September we will only sell no-added-sugar drinks in the kids’ juice category.”

We presume the next points include banning doughnuts, crisps, fizzy drinks and ham in the shape of a teddy bear next - because that stuff definitely ain’t good for you.

ribena ban

The people of Twitter don’t really seem to be convinced by Tesco’s decision, with the hashtag #SaveMyRibena trending.

@sailsbury - Has anyone told Tesco that them stop selling Ribena doesn't really change thing when they still sell drinks like coca-cola?

@mikeshaw101 - Banning Ribena is just going to push it further underground. There's already a Ribena problem in our schools, this'll only make things worse

@NamelusWonder - The problem with Tesco banning Ribena is you create a black market for it and three year-olds organising violent tricycle drive-bys.

Well there you go, obesity solved! Thanks Tesco.