Middlesex man takes extreme "safety precautions" when outside, post-brexit

A recent Middlesex graduate is taking extreme safety precautions whenever he leaves the house, post-Brexit.

With a 57% increase in reports of hate crimes in the days since the referendum, Nalin Dissanayake posted a video of the "safety precautions" he takes when he leaves the house now.

The hilarious "safety video" shows Nalin walking down the road, holding up his British passport for all to see and kissing it occasionally for good measure.

It's hard for racists to accuse someone of not being British when they're making out with their British passport.

"Maybe humour is the best way to deal with it"

Nalin's video, which he posted under the caption "its that kind of world now" has been shared almost 10,000 times. Commenters said he'd "struck a chord" with people facing racist abuse after the EU referendum.

Nalin shared a video of other incidents of post-Brexit racism, and suggested "maybe humour is the best way to deal with it".

Of all the reactions so far to the worrying / terrifying increase in hate crimes over the last few days, Nalin's is probably the funniest.

As well as reports to the police, other incidents of hate crimes have been reported by journalists and social media users over the past few days, with a Facebook group being set up for people to report any incidents they themselves have witnessed.


Nalin's hilarious video has racked up nearly 600,000 views already, and people really seem to be on board with his genius idea of carrying around a passport with you wherever you go and making it out with it for good measure.

One Facebook user wrote:

"HAHAHA Nalin😂😂 can i borrow yours when going tesco?"

Generally people wrote about how funny they found the video:

"Looooool I hope this gets a million views!! Everyone share this"

Whilst Nalin himself explained why he thought it was getting such a good reaction, writing:

"If you jest a point, it has to be sharp ;)"

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