11 people with devastating middle-class problems

Here are 11 people with devastating first-world problems. We all feel your pain.

11) This avacado fan

"I had to eat a burrito with no guac."

10) This righteous voice of the people

"If they start serving crab in the full shell, I say we riot."

9) This lady, who has real problems

"What are Portuguese cleaners saying to dogs? Is it about the state of my chez lounge? I must know!"

8) This Wetherspoons diner

There were no survivors.

7) This righteous voice of fennel fans

"We demand fennel seeds at all local branches of Morrisons!"

6) This lady, having this familiar mood

"I just... I need to be alone with some parmesan and a Toblerone right now. Never you mind, why."

5) This fitness fan

"If a tree falls, but it wasn't captured by any Apple product, did it really fall?"

"I captured it on a Windows phone."

"Quiet, Carl, you know that doesn't count. You're making a fool of yourself."

4) This guy

"But... but this is my organic waste. Made from my herbal teas."

3) This lady in full crisis mode

"It's blinking now."

"Don't panic, I've done a tweet to my followers. Help is at hand.

2) This man, whose patience has no limit

"If I have to wait .5 more hours for hummus, things are going to turn ugly. I am going to be one terse customer at the complaints department."

1) This man, his sardough and his oven spring

"I don't know how we'll go on if the spring fails me."