Microsoft create auto-caption bot (and it's terrible)

Microsoft have released a new tool online, called CaptionBot.

It claims to be able to recognise "a broad range of visual concepts" and then caption your photographs based on what it sees. Largely it works quite well, and can caption celebrities with a lot of accuracy.

Unfortunately, it hasn't passed the Twitter test. People have been posting the fails of the CaptionBot, including the time it denied the moon landings and the time it identified Hitler as a baseball player.

First, it threw heat onto "the dress" debate, claiming it was a cat wearing a tie

Then it questioned the veracity of the moon landings

To be fair, it nailed that this man was about to partake in a strenuous activity

But then it thought Hitler was a baseball player

And this elbow is a woman brushing her teeth

Then it nailed it again

It thought this coat hook was a floating toilet

And it thought Brum was a toilet. Please don't use Brum as a toilet.

And it refused to identify this particular logo