Microsoft are killing off this childhood favourite and we're devastated

How many hours did we spend on Microsoft Paint drawing squiggly lines and filling them in?

Future generations might have smartphones and the world wide web, but it's been announced by Microsoft that they won't get to experience the procrastination joys of Paint.

The computer firm revealed the news as part of their Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, which will go live later this year.

Some people were pretty distraught by the news.

It might have seemed like Jim'll Paint It, the artist who creates his masterpieces on the classic program would have to find a new outlet for his creativity. However, apparently he's been using a bootleg version for some time now anyway.

Microsoft will be introducing new software called Paint 3D, although that's a lot more sophisticated and works best with touch-screen devices. Despite new features, how could it ever compete with our beloved retro Paint?

Goodbye sweet prince, millennials will be mourning you for a long time to come.