Medical student shocks everyone when he gets basic anatomy question wrong

A few days ago we brought you the story of two girls answering a question correctly about a subject they don't know much about. Today, we bring you the complete opposite: a medical student who got a relatively simple anatomy question wrong.

Euan, from Glasgow, had finished his six years of studying when he appeared on ITVs The Chase, hosted by Bradley Walsh. In the preliminary round where he racks up how much money he is playing for, a seemingly straight-forward question comes up.

Oh dear, Euan. He realises his mistake straight away and tries to hide his face in his hands, but that is not enough to hide the embarrassment. You don't have to be a medical student to know that the pituitary gland is in the brain, not the neck!

Even with that blunder, he manages to rack up £4000 to take to the table. But out of all chasers he could have faced, he faced Paul Sinha, who is a doctor. Fair to say he doesn't let him off lightly. After Euan blames his hard of hearing on answering wrong, thinking Bradley says "thyroid gland' rather than "pituitary," Paul says "it wasn't your lack of knowledge, it was that you'e hard of hearing. By the way, it's your ears for hearing."

After it aired, people quickly took to twitter to rinse him for his mistake:

Nevermind, Euan. I hope your doctor friends will cut you some slack. Doubt they will, though.

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