McDonald's Twitter has been hacked and things have got WEIRD

There's never a dull moment on Twitter, especially with increasingly sophisticated technology that allows people to hack high-profile Twitter so:

Hacking is becoming an increasingly big problem for Twitter, with the latest victim being McDonald's Hong Kong Twitter account, @Mc_DonaldsHongKong.

In a series of very strange, quite funny, but most of all incredibly unnerving tweets, the Hong Kong account mystified the Twittersphere:

U ok, hun?

Maybe ask Liam Neeson if he can help?

Feel like pure shite, just want her back like x


Twitter users were completely baffled by the Tweets, which were interspersed with more normal tweets from McDonald's:

The account has since been suspended, with no explanation and no sign of return...

Feel better soon, strange McDonald's hacker...