McDonalds have added an amazing McFlurry to their festive menu... but are SCRAPPING a fan-favourite

So McDonald's has added a new McFlurry to the Christmas menu.

It must be around four years since I ate a McFlurry, and the last time I had McDonald's altogether must be around three years ago. It was a very drunken purchase of a bacon and cheese McMuffin, something I am not proud of.

But I can imagine a lot of people would jump at the chance to try the new McFlurry on offer. Partly because it sounds delicious, but also because it's flavour has gone through a lot of changes recently.

Yes. McDonald's have released a Terry Chocolate Orange McFlurry! I might have to break my pledge of not eating from the golden arches.

We have brought you information about the changes to the tasty treat here, and how the changes are awful, but this could be the best news regarding Chocolate Oranges for a while.

But with this good news, there has to be some bad. We need a bit of balance, don't we?

With the announcement of the new McFlurry, came the devastating news that the festive pie will not be returning this year.

Now, I hear this is a bad thing, and if these people on twitter are anything to go by it means the end is nigh:

But they have introduced a Banoffee Pie, which looks amazing.

I think people should get their priorities right if you ask me (no one was, I know).