Mastercard want your selfies for payment ID

Mastercard selfie

Hate entering passwords? Well you’re in luck, as Mastercard has confirmed it is to start accepting selfies and fingerprints as a verification alternative to the good old fashioned password.

Mastercard has been testing this photographic software in North America and the Netherlands, and apparently, 92% of those who tried it out said they preferred the system to entering a password.

It’s also more secure apparently. Security researchers have said that biometric checks have the potential to cut fraud. Of those who tested the software, 83 per cent said it was more secure than passwords.

It is planning on rolling out this new technology to the UK, the whole of the United States of America, Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, Belgium, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Norway and Finland.

Customers who want to try the selfie authentication will have to download a special MasterCard app, which will verify is a legitimate selfie (instead of a photo), by requiring users to blink when they take their own photo.