Man's trouser-bulge question sparks global "upper or downer" debate

A man has sparked a massive debate about whether the penis should be stored upwards or downwards whilst you wear trousers, after asking a question on why he was showing so much of a bulge in his trousers.

The anonymous man asked the fashion advice section of Reddit what to do about his trousers, which showed off more of his testicles and penis than he'd like. At first it sounded like massive humble brag...

I have in my possession a pair of cheapish jeans from Penny's that I think overall fit pretty well. There's ~1 inch of excess fabric in the thighs and a bit more throughout the legs, so I don't think they're too tight. I do have one issue, however. From the side, my penis is visible. Its not outlined in its entirety, but instead of being a straight line from the waist to the hip, the jeans have a sort of curve to them.
Not the testes, mind you, but the penis shaft proper. This seems to persist no matter how high the waist or how loose the pants.
Is this acceptable, or am I somehow trousering wrong?

But when someone suggested he wear high-rise trousers, it soon became apparent that he wasn't humble bragging. He'd just been pointing his penis in an unusual direction for all the years he'd been wearing trousers.

I've tried [high-rise trousers]. Doesn't seem to help.

It did just occur to me that I may have been positioning my penis incorrectly this entire time (didn't expect to be typing that today). When I have it angled down instead of up (how it usually was), it seems to vanish. Perhaps that was my issue.

It turns out he had been pointing his penis tip towards the sky, rather than letting gravity do its thing.

Understandably some people were outraged with this unorthodox penis positioning...

The only time I flip my tip up is when I got a chub. You've been choking your dick quite literally.

And asked him "How? How do you even get in the habit of not having it in its natural position?"

He acknowledged that now that he thought about it maybe it was a bit weird.

Come to think of it, I don't know. Is this weird? I assumed that everyone did something like that while getting dressed.
Dosen't having it in the natural position make erections way more uncomfortable and visible? Or is downwards facing actually the natural direction? I feel like my whole world is in question now.

Army of uppers

But it turns out, he isn't the only person doing it. A lot of other men confessed to being "uppers", pointing their shaft upwards before they put on their trousers.

One person wrote:

I don't think you're wrong. While I do both, I feel more comfort angled up. Perhaps it's not the norm, but its not wrong

Another person said that they do it too, and said it's much more comfortable...

I'm in the upcamp. Do all of these down people wear boxers? or nothing? I wear trunks (briefs with a big of a short leg) and there is no physical way I could ever wear it "down" in one of those. Now and then when I do wear a looser underwear (that lets it slip into downward-angle now and then), an erection is incredibly visible down the leg of the pant. If the pants aren't baggy (modern jeans, even non-skinny jeans are plenty tight enough), you would see the whole outline. If you're wearing anything looser, it's going to be very obviously poking one leg of the pants forward as you walk.
As others have said, it's way more comfortable to me to wear it "up" Honestly, I'm not sure what kind of bulge people are worried about. As I said, I usually wear a trunk with enough elastic to keep it vertical, not pushing outward, so even hard, it's pretty low on bulge. A trunk like this that has a bit of a "pocket" in the front keeps it upright and tight. CK makes most of their stuff now in synthetic but I find the cotton microfibre is far more comfortable. The CK One trunk is a good choice, and other brands make a similar product. Every body is different, so there's no one right fit.
But seriously, I don't know how anyone of any reasonable size walks around with it dangling. It's so uncomfortable.

But maybe their opinion can't be trusted, because they're the kind of person who goes around (at weddings, funerals and cafes) with their penis tucked upwards at their own face.

Nevertheless, a LOOOOOOT of other people claim they do it.

I actually angle mine up when i'm relaxing. It's very comfortable in briefs. Let's your nut sack air out without a dick sticking to it all the time.

Seriously. So many people you meet apparently have their wang pointing towards the moon.

OK I can't take this anymore. I gotta come out. I point mine up as well and have been doing so all my life.
It just feels more relaxed and there is no sweat between the penis and the balls since that area is always dry due to being pressed against the underwear.
A much better feeling overall.

For most people it's a comfort thing...

I also angle mine up my whole life...if you lay on your back, it points up so why would down be the "natural angle"?

But for others it started as a teenager for practical purposes, and never really stopped...

I did this as a teenager when I had sporadic wood. I also got in the habit, and always did it. I'd always have it tucked under my belt. Once I started getting laid, I quit. The biggest issue I ever had was my shirt coming up. That would unveil the head of my dick.

All. Their. Lives.

I'm nearing 30 myself and I have ALWAYS pointed it up, even since I was about 5 years old. I always found it really, really, really uncomfortable to have the "top" rubbing against the underwear, so I have always been pointing it upwards. I still fidget and adjust if it ends up falling down during the day.

It's a thing.

I used to "angle up" when I was I kid. It felt uncomfortable if I didn't point it toward my head. I thought I was the only one.

They all came out the woodwork (giggity).

I too angle up, it's because i like having my balls pulled forward and up so they don't overheat by resting on my leg or butt/gooch. By pointing upwards your balls Z penis also points up so it's not that strange. Honestly though as weird as this will sound i have actually received compliments (from soon to be partners) on having a "big bulge" because everything points up so it's more pronounced instead of ticked away and hidden.

It may even be the norm, and "downer" are the weird ones

Also angle up, here. Don't feel bad, there are probably dozens of us.

If you're wondering how it's done, check out this guy's advice:

After a while you get the hang of tucking it just right. If you think of it like a clock ... if you're longer instead of tucking it into the waistband at 12 you might do it at 11 or 1, or 10 or 2. You find the sweet spot where you have it tucked in just enough to be held in place but not go past that.
And honestly, you don't want to go past the sweet spot not because someone might see it if you stretch but because if you have too much of it tucked into your waist band and you sit just right it'll cut off the blood flow to the tip. You might not notice it at first but all of a sudden it hurts like a bitch.
And yes: "This dude tucks."

But you need to be big enough to reach your waistband.

I think people like me that point it up just have a small penis. Never ever had that issue, lol. My flaccid penis is nowhere near long enough to reach my waistband.

Changed man

After asking the fashion question, starting a gigantic "uppy or downy" debate and finding out that he's been dressing weird his whole life, the guy eventually decided to try dressing "downy" to see how that goes.

Oh, okay. So I have been trousering incorrectly all of this time. Yep, not doing that reduces the issue significantly. It dosent completely eliminate the bulge, but looking at other pictures MFA have thumbed up, I think I'm in the point of acceptability here.
I have become a new person. As it turns out, the downwards angle is superior in every way to the upwards method, except for the fact it makes crossing one's legs difficult. As it stands, I have no desire to return to the primitive state of the upwards angle.
Brandishing the penis dosen't appeal either. I think my cellophane trousers do that enough already.

Even though apparently literally half of everyone does it.

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