Man wears dress to protest office dress code

A man has taken to Twitter to protest his office's dress code as Britain continues to experience a heatwave.

As temperatures reached up to 30C on Monday, call centre worker Joey Barge went to work wearing a pair of 'smart shorts' only to be sent home for inappropriate dress.

Joey tweeted about the unfairness of the decision, comparing his outfit of shorts to women's skirts and dresses.

To emphasise the hypocrisy in his office's dress code, Joey decided to make a clear statement of defiance by mirroring his female colleagues and wearing a flamboyant dress to work.

Rather than being immediately sent home, Joey's defiant act brought about a change, as bosses decided to allow men to wear '3/4 length shorts' in the heat.

Although still not permitted to wear his initial shorts, Joey considered the email a 'partial win' as he no longer had to wear a full suit in the heat.

Joey's tweet drew a lot of attention from men in similar positions, suggesting that there needs to be a widespread change in the way offices approach dress code in searing temperatures:

Joey's situation isn't the first to draw attention to problems regarding gender and dress code in the workplace. In May 2016, receptionist Nicola Thorp was sent home for 'not wearing heels' at PwC. Thorp was told that she had to wear shoes with a "2in to 4in heel." When Thorp complained that the same rule did not apply to her male colleagues, she was sent home without pay.

Nicole Thorp, 27, protesting compulsory heels in the workplace

Despite Thorp's protests, Joey's tweet demonstrates that non-standardised rules for opposite genders is still a big problem within the workplace, with much still to be done to redress these issues.