Man mad about train fares shouts at train, causes massive delays

A man has walked in front of a train in Hatfield in order to protest the price of tickets.

The man stood on the train tracks during rush hour yesterday evening, walked around for a bit and checked his phone, whilst causing massive delays on the line.

He then walked up to the train and started shouting at it, whilst a passenger recorded the incident and asked him "what are you doing? What are you doing, boss?"

After a while the police intervened and attempted to tackle the man, who attempted to run away in the below video filmed by a commuter.

Great Northern said:

"While the incident was taking place, trains were stopped on the line while the police dealt with the incident."

"Police apprehended the person at around 17.20 and the lines were reopened at 17.30. The incident did cause disruption to Great Northern services with some trains cancelled and delays of up to 45 minutes at the height of this incident."

The man was detained by the police, and ticket prices remain astonishingly high.