Student throws depressing bday party for long-distance gf, gf unimpressed

When his long-distance girlfriend couldn't make it home for her birthday, her boyfriend decided to throw her a birthday party anyway using a cardboard cut-out replica of her instead.

This guy's girlfriend couldn't make it home from studying in Peru, so he printed out several large cutouts of her and had a party anyway, taking photos of his sweet gesture for the real human girlfriend to see after the celebration.

After he posted the (fairly sweet) photos of her birthday party online, people described it as:

"Both sweet and sad", "creepy", and "this makes me uncomfortable".

Others speculated:

"She's cheating on your dorky ass" and "You just know he put his dick on that cardboard cutout".

He started out by putting her in a hat and sitting her in front of a cake. She didn't look impressed.

"Eat, my pretty."

When she refused to eat, he cut her a slice and held it in front of her face. She still looked annoyed.


After cake, he took her for a play with the dogs. His ungrateful girlfriend just stood there, arms folded.

They even posed for family shots, but she still refused to smile.

Saying "f*ck you" to road safety, he took her out for a spin.

They ended their romantic birthday with a stroll in the park. At this point it became apparent that maybe she was just annoyed that she was wearing completely inappropriate footwear for the terrain.

His hilarious photos have been viewed by over 25,000 people, all of whom think she looks a little board.

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