Man sues Krispy Kreme for £4million because his "donuts didn't contain fruit"

A man is suing Krispy Kreme after he found that his fruit donut didn't contain any fruit.

Jason Saidan, clearly looking for a health kick, went to Krispy Kreme recently and ordered a fruit donut. After purchasing raspberry, maple and blueberry muffins and finding they had no fruit whatsoever inside, he took the logical next step and decided to sue them for £4,000,000 ($5,000,000).

No fruit. Sue.

Jason is asking for $5million from the donut company, accusing them of false advertising for claiming that their donuts contain fruit, by listing the ingredients of their donut as including "raspberry" and "blueberry".

He bought the donuts and donut holes in 2015 in Santa Monica, but is evidently still upset by the whole ordeal.

He claims the doughnuts do not contain real fruit, maple syrup or sugar, and are instead made with "nutritionally inferior ingredients", unlike the "premium" and nutritious health-food ingredients he believed them to contain.

In the lawsuit, he claims he would not have bought them otherwise, or would have paid less for them, the Mirror reported. So instead he wants $5million.

The lawsuit says that Krispy Kreme uses sugar, corn syrup, gums and artificial food coloring to "mimic the texture, shape and color" rather than "naturally occurring products".

"Even when consuming the products, [the] plaintiff and other consumers cannot easily decipher whether the filling or glazing they are consuming contain actual raspberries, blueberries, or maple ingredients, because the defendant has formulated and manufactured the products in a manner that masks the absence of such ingredients."

Here's hoping he gets £4,000,000 in compensation for the lost nutrients. Jason has no issues with the donuts not being Krispy enough.