Man sends woman an unsolicited d*ck pic, woman responds brilliantly. Man regrets it.

After a woman left a positive review for the restaurant The Good Food Place, the most she expected in response was a quick "I agree" or "I disagree with this review".

But this being the internet, it wasn't long before a horrendous person sent her a d*ck pic.

You have a notification

"Samantha Mawdsley" posted a review which read "amazing food and the staff is so friendly! Definitely recommend!"

First she became aware of the penis picture, she received a notification saying she had a reply to her post. Someone had messaged her about her short review.

"Why would someone want to contact me in private about this?" she wondered. "What could they possibly want to say in private that they can't say publicly?"

When she checked her messages she received the messages "hey" followed by a picture of the man's penis, followed by "you have pretty eyes".


Fortunately, Samantha knew just how to respond to the unsolicited dick-pic. For the next one hour twenty minutes, she sent him a barrage of unsolicited dick-pics to see how he liked it. Which as it turned out, wasn't a whole lot.

Posting on Facebook, she screen-shotted her chat with the dick-picker, censoring the photos herself so they wouldn't get removed by Facebook.

Below is her conversation with a dick-pick sender. Above the conversation, Samantha, from the UK, wrote on Facebook:

"Last night I received a comment on a review I left for a lovely little restaurant. When I checked my messages, *BOOM* Unsolicited dick pic!

I've read about these mystical happenings but since I've been in a loving, pre-Tinder, three-year relationship, I never thought I'd witness the horror first hand.

My initial thought was to ignore it, as we females are taught from such a young age. But.... Nah! I decided to mess with him and call him out on all his ridiculous behaviours and double standards. To my delight, he was suckered into the debate! My favourite bit is "I just want to puke! Please stop!"

It was 2am and I'd been drinking (Euros were on! This girl likes football!) so excuse some typos and autocorrects. And genuine apologies for all the pics of penis - I censored them because NOBODY likes an unsolicited d*ck pic!

But do enjoy our little conversation!

PS: I told The Good Food Place, and they were quick to act and get him off their page! As I said, lovely restaurant - highly recommended if you visit Manchester, England!"

First is her review, and his public response...

His second word was a picture of his penis.

With that, Samantha immediately started Googling pictures of bigger penises, screen-shotting them, and sending them in reply.

Then she gave him some medical advice...

And hundreds more pictures of penises. Google had to work hard that day.

And then she floored him with a logic-bomb...

At this point, he called her rude.

He requested that they keep this between themselves.

Which she wasn't interested in...

And sent a few more penis pics...

He didn't really endear himself...

With that, she wished him happy penis hunting and was about to leave...

But not before she gave him a talking to about the ethics of sending unsolicited dick pics.

And sending him his own dick pic for good luck...

For the record, Samantha says she highly recommends the Good Food Place, and does not recommend the man and his penis.

Since the conversation was posted online, other women claimed that they have been sending the Florida Man their own dick pics. He's probably learned his lesson.

*It's come to our attention that some of our fans have tracked down the man on Facebook and messaged him with their own pictures. Please do not do this, for your own sake.*

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