Man receives angry text from boss. The explanation will leave you dead πŸ’€πŸ’€

A man was confused yesterday, when his boss sent him a strange message telling him he'd "ruined" his life.

Hamza Hendrix tweeted a text he received from his boss, which he believed showed his boss had some deep-rooted issues.

Because if you received this message from your boss, you'd think that too.

The tweet went viral, with people demanding a follow up, and some sort of explanation.

Later that day, his boss did send a follow-up text. It explained everything, but wasn't pretty.

Hamza was obviously a little shocked by that, but had to talk to his boss on a daily basis, so sent back some words of reassurance. He didn't have a "whore wife" so he couldn't relate on that level, but tried anyway.

But the boss, who by the looks of things does have quite a few deep rooted issues, sent a follow up message speculating on what kind of wife Hamza would end up having.

And you thought your boss was bad. The tweets have gone mega-viral, with the overwhelming consensus being "what the f*ck" and "I shouldn't be laughing at this but I am".