Man photoshops his friends final results, friend flips his sh*t

When student Haden Tye asked his friend to collect his work for him, he thought he had a friend he could trust. Besides, who would lie to you about something as important as your final uni grades?

Well, it turns out his friend wasn't trustworthy at all. Elias McGill, who studies journalism at the University of Plymouth with Haden, decided to mess with his friend. He explained on Facebook:

"So Haden Tye asked me to go collect his work for him so he could see what result he had got. I thought I couldn't miss out on an opportunity like this, so as any good friend would do I lied to him and photoshopped his score to go from 65 to 55 and then sat back and enjoyed watching him have a mental breakdown about his whole degree."

Haden uploaded his friend's "full mental breakdown" to Facebook.

First, he told Haden how just about everybody seems to be getting firsts...

Then he told him his actual grade. And pretended he'd done so by mistake.

And seemed genuinely apologetic.

And provided proof.

And showed him a mark.

And then photoshopped his actual mark.

And told him there wasn't much point in appealing.

At this point, Haden started to melt.

And got pretty pissed off with his friend Beau.

And with the marker. Not his evil friend.

His friend Mike told him what was up.

And told him "I don't want to work with you any more".

The borderline evil (but hilarious) prank has obviously been liked on Facebook hundreds of times already. Now that Haden has had time to calm down, and now realises he's getting a 2:1, he is probably starting to see the funny side.

Though his one comment on Facebook suggests otherwise:

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